About Us

A few years ago, I was stuck at a crossroads: continue serving in the military or make a dramatic change to my life in the pursuit of happiness. The people in my circle urged me to continue my service to the country, but I chose to walk away.

In my experience, it's worthwhile to chase a dream, even if it looks far fetched. My faith and commitment to goals has led us here and I'm grateful to every single one of you that has supported my work. I do this for my family and you!

Today, I get to create meaningful products for business owners across the country, while simultaneously creating my own line of products. I'm still learning, but take every project as though it is my last. I try to put everything I have into every single product.

Your success means the world to me.

Whether you're here for patches, shirts or to stop by, thank you. I hope we can grow together.

- Maurice